2Pc Motion Living Room Set Plus Bonus FREE Glider Recliner

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AHHH! Truly, this is the very best way to describe this puppy. Astonishing comfort is "built" in to this motion set.  You will never want another after you try this set out.  Hardwood frame construction, all steel reclining mechanism, Easy pull latch handle to get you to limitless range of motion and the best part of all is the extraordinary cover it is in.  Soft, deep, durable, cleanable, and practical too.  Extra, extra wide seats plus very deep seats too. It just makes you relax.  The price is absolutely the best because with BEL Furniture, it is always the Lowest Price.....Period.  With the purchase of the 2Pc motion set you DO GET a Bonus FREE glider recliner too!  We ARE the importer and it is Direct from our factory.  You'll never get it chepaer than here!