M-Super 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Queen or King Size Mattress ONLY- Queen at $299.99

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Wonderful new mattress from our Sara Collection. This is built to our own specifications using the cooling gel foam technology to not only give you a cool and a extraordinarily comfortable nights sleep, but to bring this kind of quality to you at an unprecedented and unrivaled price for a 10 Inch gel foam mattress.  Nowhere else are you going to get all this quality and this comfort at this noteworthy price.  Nowhere!  Try it for yourself and of course this is covered with our 180 Day price guarantee even from BEL.  If it does go lower you get that difference back.  You definitely would never ever regret this one!


Better pressure relief & motion isolation

Our mattresses use a higher grade memory foam with more density and then coupled with the cooling gel foam layer which means more pressure relief for sensitive joints, and more motion absorption so you won’t disturb your partner.  The other benefit is that you definitly get a cooler and thusly a more restful sleep. You can't miss.


Sizes Available:  Queen      $299.99

                              King         $399.99

Please Note:  Make sure to select mattress size needed from the dropdown bar. King

                                           or Queen size.

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