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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Table for a Small Apartment

Choose the Best Kitchen Table for a Small Apartment at Bel Furniture

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a smaller-than-usual apartment, which can make finding furniture like dining sets more challenging than it already is. To get the most out of your cozy space, you’ll have to consider everything, from your apartment’s square footage, to the dimensions of whichever kitchen table you have your eye on.

When working with limited space, how many inches long or inches wide a piece of furniture is matters more than it normally would. On top of this, you still want furniture that fits your style, needs, and is equal parts form and function.  Here at Bel Furniture, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the best kitchen table for a small apartment.

What type of table is best for a small kitchen?

Making the most of your living room means picking a versatile table, something that’s not just a place to eat, but also to gather around or even work from. For this, maybe consider a bar/pub table. As the name suggests, pub tables are designed to seat multiple people and their drinks as well.

With this much available space, even a busy night working from home won’t make your space feel as close-knit as it is. The elevated pub table design also allows for chairs/stools to be neatly tucked away when not in use, preserving every inch of square footage your apartment has to offer.

What shape table is best for a small area?

If your apartment is a bit more intimate, consider a table that is more round than rectangular. Round tables are easier to navigate due to their cylindrical, podium-like design as opposed to multiple legs. With this extra space, not only can you fit more guests, but they’re also easier to navigate around (as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toe like with most rectangular tables). If your apartment is on the snug end, every bit of extra space matters.

Of course, rectangular tables can work too; some pub tables come with rectangular table tops but still maintain the circular support underneath. Drop leaf tables offer the same podium design as round tables, and can be folded in or out to accommodate extra guests. The point is, if a rectangular table really catches your eye, don’t automatically reject it, it can definitely still work in a space-saving situation.

Find Glass Kitchen Table at Bel Furniture 2

Is a Glass Kitchen Table Good for Small Spaces?

While glass tables are not too drastically different from manufactured wood or other materials when it comes to function, buying a glass kitchen table brings some added pros when it comes to appearance. Due to their transparent properties, both glass and acrylic tables give the appearance of there being plenty of space, despite them actually being however many inches wide.

Again, like with rectangular tables above, if a glass kitchen table doesn’t fit the style you want for your living room, feel free to buy the table or dining set that captivates you. But for those who don’t already have a particular look in mind, the glass table suggestion is a solid recommendation. 

Picking the Best Kitchen Table for Small Apartments

Now that we’ve established some criteria that the best kitchen table for a small apartment should have, let’s look for a few kitchen tables/dining sets that check those boxes. Bel Furniture offers a range of different in-stock dining room sets for different styles and budgets, meaning you’re bound to find something that catches your eye in our inventory. 

We mentioned earlier that rectangular tables can still utilize the podium design of round tables, and this five-piece marble dining room set from our Mollai Collection is proof of just that. This contemporary dining table is 48 by 48 inches and 46 inches tall. The accompanying chairs are 42" x 42" x 36", and can (and should) be tucked in when not in use to preserve space.

The same collection also features several different five-piece dining room sets that include counter height tables. The added height of the table allows the accompanying stools to be stored away, and the selection of colors and materials that we offer mean that there is bound to be a set versatile enough for your individual tastes.

Find farmhouse-style dining room table at Bel Furniture 2

Also in-stock is this farmhouse-style, six-piece dining room set, also from the Mollai Collection. While not as small as the above dining sets, this particular set comes with built-in storage for various dishes and other accessories, so you can still get good utility out of a full, beautiful set of furniture. 

Reach Out, Let’s Talk

At Bel Furniture, we offer a variety of quality furniture sets for affordable prices. Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you in your search for your next kitchen table. That being said, even though our selection of in-stock furniture has something you’re bound to like, we can’t decide for you —we need your help.

Reach out to us or visit your local Bel Furniture and share your vision so we can work together and help you choose the right table for your home.

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