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Buying Furniture Mistakes: The Questions You Should Ask

Bel Furniture February 26, 2020
When it comes to furnishing your home, we all look for pieces that fit our personalities. However, there are many common mistakes when buying furniture that you should be aware of!

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How To Stop a Dog From Chewing on Wood Furniture

Bel Furniture January 22, 2020
Dogs are the best, right? However, if you have a dog who loves to chew on furniture, you might be finding the love difficult to dole out lately.

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Protecting Outdoor Furniture From Weather Conditions

Bel Furniture December 23, 2019

When protecting outdoor furniture from weather conditions you must first understand the climate you live in. Depending on where you live, be cautious on how you should protect your outdoor furniture! 

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Proven Methods That Work To Remove Water Stains From Fabric

Bel Furniture November 21, 2019
If you own fabric furniture, you have most likely googled the phrase “how to remove stains from fabric sofa” at least once in your life. Here are some methods to removing stains! 

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How To Protect Leather Furniture From Cats

Bel Furniture October 21, 2019
Leather furniture is nice to own but can be easily ripped to shreds by a pair of feline paws. Leather or not, cats usually find a way to scratch furniture.

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What is the Best Office Chair for Sciatica Pain?

Bel Furniture July 17, 2019
A common problem of sciatica pain is from sitting in the wrong office chair all day at work. If you have experienced or have lower back pain and have not switched out your office chair, continue reading.

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