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For Product or Service questions
Please call 832-358-8899

Community Involvement

Giving Back the Bel Way

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What We Do

Our year-round BELieve campaign focuses on different aspects of community involvement, from furniture donations and fundraising to volunteering our personal time to various organizations. Whether we are lending time or money to an individual or an organization, our hearts are with the communities that we work to improve, one volunteer mission/donation at a time.


At Bel Furniture, we are extremely grateful to the cities that we serve. In 2006, we launched our BELieve campaign that creates opportunities to give back to families and communities in need. Staff members have voted that our 12 Days of Christmas event is their favorite event each year. Our big Christmas event is just one example of the many ways that we give back to our communities.

Partnering for the Greater Good

We believe that when our community thrives, we all thrive. One partnership that is truly special to us is the USO (United Service Organization), which provides programs and services to United States troops and their families. On a regular basis, we participate with the food bank and furniture bank to offer our services and lightly used inventory that others may enjoy.