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Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture for Rainy Weather

Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture for Rainy Weather

With summer in full swing, many people have spent the last few months taking full advantage of the warm weather and sunshine by investing in stylish outdoor furniture. However, hurricane season is on the horizon and with it comes intense rain amongst other weather fluctuations. Not all outdoor furniture is made to withstand Mother Nature, so how can you protect your outdoor furniture from the elements? We’ve compiled everything you need to know about choosing the best outdoor furniture for rainy weather. For everything from best materials to cleaning and prevention tips, keep reading!

Outdoor Furniture Materials

Before you start shopping for outdoor furniture, it’s important for you to understand the pros and cons of each type of material. 

  • Non-Teak Wood

    • Non-teak wood furniture can be well-made, but it is generally more susceptible to the elements than teak wood. With this type of furniture, it’s important to employ the use of a good sealant. This will help the material repel water, reducing the likelihood of molding and general wear and tear. 
  • Teak Wood 

    • Teak wood is a fantastic material for outdoor furniture. It looks great and, due to its natural properties, is highly durable and water-resistant. However, this type of wood attracts mold and mildew and should be cleaned regularly using a vinegar and warm water mixture.  
  • Plastic 

    • Plastic furniture is particularly vulnerable to colder climates, and if you live in an area where the weather tends to fluctuate frequently, you may notice some cracking in the plastic. To avoid this, rinse off your plastic furniture and scrub clean using a sponge and a mixture of mild laundry detergent and warm water. Be sure to dry completely before storing or returning it to your patio. 
  • Wicker 

    • Natural wicker furniture is prone to chipping and should be washed regularly to avoid splintering. A few drops of oil-based soap mixed into warm water should do the trick, but be sure to dry the furniture immediately. 
    • If you have a synthetic wicker patio set, it is easy to clean! Spraying it down with a hose usually is more than enough.
  • Wrought Iron 

    • Wrought iron furniture is prone to rust and should never be left to the elements during winter. And while some pieces will have a rust-resistant coating, bird-droppings and other acidic substances can eat away the coating. 
    • To clean wrought iron, you’ll need fine-grit sandpaper to remove the rust and some good ole soap and water to clean.  

Outdoor Patio Furniture from Bel Furniture in Texas

What is the Best Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture?

When it comes to buying outdoor furniture that you want to last, it’s best to invest in well-made pieces. Depending on where you live, your furniture may have to withstand intense humidity, frosty conditions, dry air, salty ocean air, rain, or extreme heat. Choosing the right hardware for your outdoor furniture can make or break its longevity, so check out the best type of outdoor furniture for every climate: 

Ocean Air

  • If you call the coast your home, buying beach friendly outdoor furniture might pose a challenge. Not only do you have the drying salty air to contend with, but also corrosive, sand carrying wind and coastal storms. Wicker and Teak furniture are dense and generally strong enough to withstand these kinds of elements. Avoid iron furniture that will easily erode from the salt air. 

Extreme Heat

  • When shopping for very hot climates, avoiding wicker is your best bet; this material easily frays and breaks from extreme heat and UV rays. Instead, teak wood is a great option. If you are dead-set on achieving the look of wicker furniture, you might also consider artificial wicker made from high-density polyethylene. 

Rain and Humidity 

  • For people in damp, humid climates, you need furniture that is resistant to rust and can handle constant exposure to moisture. Aluminum furniture or wicker are both great options, but take special care to avoid iron. 

Frosty Climates

  • Finding furniture that can withstand snowy, icy environments can be difficult. But while the best thing to do is to store or cover your outdoor furniture during the winter, some materials can hold up against the elements. Look for powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture or teak wood that is treated with a good sealant. 

Outdoor swing by Bel Furniture

Best Cushion Fabrics for Outdoor Furniture

Selecting the right seat cushions for your outdoor furniture is essential. Not only do you need something that is sturdy enough to withstand whatever the environment throws at you, but you also want something that dries easily when it does get stuck in the rain. Waterlogged cushions can not only soak your pants when you sit, but they’re also a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Polyester and acrylic fabrics are generally resilient, nice to look at, and fade resistant to maintaining vibrant color!

Can you Leave Patio Furniture Outside in the Rain? 

In general, there is nothing wrong with leaving your outdoor furniture for rainy weather outside during the occasional shower. But it’s important to note that, if you want your pieces to last a long time, protecting them from the elements is the best course of action. If you know that you can expect heavy thunderstorms for several days in a row, try moving your furniture indoors or simply covering them with a weatherproof furniture covering!

Waterproof patio furniture from Bel Furniture 2

Shop BEL Furniture!

At BEL Furniture, we believe in the importance of affordable, classic furniture that is built to last. If you want to learn more about choosing the best outdoor furniture for rainy weather, shop with us today! Our beautiful selection of weather resistant patio furniture is sure to have something that fits your style and climate. 

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