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Finding the Most Comfortable Dining Room Set

Modern Living Room With Bel Furniture

Finding a comfortable dining room set is very difficult. Some dining room furniture comes in bundles that aren’t always your favorite. Maybe you only love the dining room table, or you like everything besides the side chair. This has become a common problem. 

It can be very overwhelming designing your dining room. However, we have curated a guide that will help you create a perfect dining room for you and your family. We will establish what to look for in terms of comfortability, personal dining room furniture style, and, most importantly, budget-friendly options. Everyone will want a dinner party at your house. 

Before Purchasing Dining Room Furniture

Measure Current Dining Table Size & Available Space

Preparation is key. If you currently have a dining table, we recommend measuring the table and deciding if you want the same size or too size down or up. The table’s dimensions will determine the number of chairs needed and the space it will take up from the room. 

Below is a seat guideline that shows how many chairs correspond with the table size.

For rectangle tables:

  • 48″ long table: seats 4
  • 60″-72″ long table: seats 6
  • 80″-87″ long table: seats 8
  • 92″-108″ long table: seats 10
  • 120″ long table: seats 12

For round and square tables:

  • 42″- 48″ diameter table: seats 4
  • 60″ diameter table: seats 6-8

No matter the size of the table, you have to leave about 24″-26″ width of eating space per person and an additional 6″ between the chairs to account for elbow room and when getting up from their chair., make sure that the dining room has space to roam freely without bumping into the wall. The dining room table is the most important piece of furniture in your dining room so choose one that isn’t overly big for your area. 

Bel Furniture wood dining table with chairs 2

Choosing the Right Size of Chairs for the Dining Table

After finding the perfect table, it’s time to select dining room chairs. The chairs are dependent on the table size. Standard dining tables range in height between 28″-30″ which means you want a chair where the seat height is between 17”-23″, and there should be about 12” of space between the top of the seat and underneath the tabletop. 

Now, remember, if you choose a dining chair with arms, it should slide under the table easily. The chair should have 7” of clearance between the top of the arm height and underneath the tabletop. A quick way to check if the chairs work with the table is to measure the chair’s widest point and the inner of your dining table legs.

Defining your Personal Dining Room Furniture Style 

Determining the style of your dining room is exciting and eliminates furniture that won’t match your vision. The latest trends are modern, black and white to bohemian, wood and colorful furniture, or you can do something completely left-field. Allow your personality to shine through when picking out the dining room chairs and tables

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend visiting a showroom as it can spark your imagination. The designers can walk you through the processing of selecting the right furniture for your dining room and personality. 

Different furniture materials and shapes can have an effect on the comfort of your dining room set.

What to Look for in Terms of Comfortability 


Everyone should try dining chairs in person to figure out their personal preferences. However, you can see the list below to see the best features that make dining room chairs more comfortable. 

  • Arms: ask yourself, do you like resting your arms on the chair or keeping them on the table
  • Curved Back: allows you to recline and relax
  • Cushioned Seats: they make it easier to sit with good posture and apply less compression on your hips, spine, and tailbone
  • Seat Scoop: a scoop or imprint increase comfortability and the amount of time you will remain seated
  • Upholstered Chairs: provide extra padding on the seats 

A great tip when buying chairs is by basing them on the shape of your dining room table. If your dining room is on the smaller side, consider a chair without arms to save space. If your dining room is larger, then buy an upholstered armchair. Keep in mind the age and strength of the people at your home; keep the chairs light enough so they can easily push them in or pull them out.


Finding a comfortable dining room table isn’t as complex as a dining room chair. The three main aspects determining the best table for you are size, shape, and style. A round dining room table that sits four people wouldn’t be ideal for a family of eight. Figuring out comfortability within a table is figuring out the number of people eating dinner there every day. Get the right size and shape for you and your family; that’s what will determine the table’s comfortability. 


You don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price. You can find amazing and comfortable dining room chairs and tables that are budget-friendly. Affordable furniture stores like Bel Furniture offer various options and price ranges, making them accessible to everyone. Bel Furniture has several dining room sets tailored to each individual’s personal style, offering a variety of dining styles from chairs with or without arms and round to rectangle-sized tables. If you prefer buying dining room sets instead of individual pieces, we have that option. 

Making the Dining Room Comfortable 

After you’ve chosen the dining room furniture, it’s time to assemble everything and use aesthetic decorations that will create a lovely atmosphere within the dining area. It’s more than choosing the correct dining table or dining room chairs to make the space comfortable. You also have to focus on the placement of the furniture and the paint on the walls. 

Ready to host a dinner party? Follow our tips below on using the dining room furniture to create an inviting ambiance to your dining area. 

  • Soften a modern dining room with a cozy rug
  • Place the dining furniture around windows for natural light
  • Floral centerpieces, need I say more
  • A rich wall color to warm the dining space
  • Have a gallery wall or murals hanging on the wall
  • Set the table with plates as if people were coming over 

Bel Furniture dining table with fabric chairs 2

Shop BEL Furniture

Comfort is subjective. You are the deciding factor of what works for you and what doesn’t. However, I hope our guide has made you feel more confident and prepared when it comes time to pick out a comfortable dining room set

If you’re looking to invest in a new dining room set, look no further than BEL Furniture. Our furniture is budget-friendly, high-quality pieces, and on-top-of-the latest trends. Bring your vision to life, create your perfect dining table within budget, and have money left over to spice up the dining area with decor. When it comes to choosing the best dining room furniture, BEL can’t be beat.

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