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Fresh Ways to Style Small Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

Fresh Ways to Style Small Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

Working with a small living or dining room can leave you feeling a bit limited in terms of style and décor. Many people think that they need to stick with sturdy, heavy pieces that take up a lot of space, but this isn’t necessarily the case. If you know how to style your small space creatively, there are plenty of ways to make it look larger than it is. Let’s explore some fresh ideas for styling small living and dining rooms at Bel Furniture in Houston, TX.

Choose Light Colors

When selecting colors for a smaller space, pick ones that are light and airy rather than dark or bold colors which can create an overwhelming or cramped feeling. White walls will instantly open the space and make it appear larger. For accent colors, soft pastels such as blue, pink, green or yellow will add warmth without making the area feel too busy. It’s also important to choose furniture pieces that have lighter colors like white, beige, or pale wood tones. These colors will help keep the room from looking cluttered and busy.

Maximize Natural Light

Using natural light is one of the best ways to make a small living room appear bigger than it is. When possible, position furniture away from windows so as not to block any light coming in through them. Consider installing sheer curtains instead of heavy drapes so sunlight can still filter into the room when they are closed. You should also hang mirrors near windows or on walls opposite windows if possible; this will reflect the natural light coming into the room and give it an even brighter feel overall.

Make Use Of Multi-Purpose Pieces

Another way to maximize a small living or dining room is by choosing multi-purpose pieces over bulky furniture items that don’t have multiple uses. For instance, try using ottomans with storage capabilities under them rather than traditional coffee tables that take up more floor space without providing extra storage options underneath them. If you need shelving for books or decorative items but don’t have the wall space for it, opt for an armoire instead which offers both shelves and drawers within its tall structure without taking up much square footage on your floor plan.

Bel Furniture in Houston Can Help Maximize Your Space!

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