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Furniture Buying Guide and Best Deals for Black Friday

Furniture Buying Guide and Best Deals for Black Friday

Are you excited about Black Friday? Or maybe you’re a homebody who prefers the online deals of Cyber Monday. It’s a great time to grab holiday gifts, but it’s also smart to shop for big ticket items when they’re on the best sale of the year. Do you plan to buy some furniture? There are plenty of Black Friday furniture deals, as well as Cyber Monday furniture deals, but you should have a plan before you go. Here, we offer a guide to making the most of the big sales when you’re shopping for furniture this season.

First, head into the sales knowing what you need. If you’re planning to hit the Black Friday furniture sales, check out the advertisements ahead of time to see where you can find the best deals. As you browse them, though, think of your existing furniture and consider the intended look of each room, whether that’s sleek and minimalistic, traditional, or eclectic. Whether you’re shopping Black Friday or Cyber Monday, furniture you shop for should go with the look you’ve already established. Which pieces do you need to complete each room, and what do you need to know when you’re shopping?

The Bedroom

  • The bedroom is anchored, of course, by the bed. Choosing a bedframe is subjective and involves your personal aesthetic sensibilities. There are wrought iron, dark, and light wood frames, and choosing a headboard can give a sense of style or elegance to your room. The mattress is one piece of furniture Cyber Monday deals may not be the best place to shop, because mattresses require an in-person “test drive.” Only by lying on different mattresses will you be able to determine which is right for you.
  • Nightstands should be well-made and solidly constructed. They come in a variety of styles, but when you’re shopping, you should pay attention to make sure they are fully functional. Deep drawers that open and close smoothly and have functional handles make for a useful nightstand. Typically, nightstands go on both sides of the bed, but in some cases, especially if you have a small room occupied by one person, one nightstand will suffice.
  • Will you choose a dresser, a chest, or both? A dresser is a multi-drawer piece, often an elegant focal point for your room, with decorated drawers and surfaces, and often a large dresser. The best dressers have ample drawer space, are made of solid wood, and can be expensive. A chest is a tall set of drawers that provides storage for clothing. There are purely functional chests that are inexpensive, but you can also find high-end models, built to last for generations.

The Living Room

  • How much seating do you require? There are a wide variety of choices when you’re shopping for sofas and sectionals, and the first thing you’ll want to do is measure your room. Your living room should have enough space for everyone to comfortably sit, plus a little bit of extra space, but it shouldn’t feel overcrowded. Once you know the right size for your room, pay attention to not only the style of the sofa, but also the type of upholstery. Depending on your household needs, particularly whether you have kids or pets, your choice of fabric could be opulent or it could be durable and stain resistant. Make sure your sofa is comfortable, and that it fits with the style you are planning for that room.
  • Chairs and recliners provide additional seating. You may find some that are part of the living room set, or you may want to choose your chairs separately, for a more eclectic look. Make sure the seats you choose are comfortable, above all.
  • Tables serve both functional and decorative purposes in a living room. Your coffee table will sit in front of the sofa, and accent tables will be placed strategically throughout the room. You’ll want people to be able to comfortably rest a drink or a book on a sturdy surface, and you’ll need places to put your decorative items.
  • Cabinetry in a living room can be unique display cases. Glass shelves, along with wood and glass panels, can highlight any items you wish to display, from children’s trophies to treasured collections. Vintage cabinets can be beautiful, but contemporary cabinets tend to have more space and built-in lighting.
  • Media storage is a personal choice and depends on your electronics. If you’ve got a wall-mounted television, without any sort of game console or other electronic components, and no collections of DVDs or CDs, you won’t need much in the way of media storage. On the other hand, the right media cabinet can allow you to tuck even your television away, for a more elegant looking living room.

Kitchen and Dining Room

  • The table is at the heart of family activity in the eating areas. It should be functional, solid, and big enough for the whole family and several guests. Its primary purpose should be family mealtime, and you’ll want it to be cleared for every meal of the day. You may have both a kitchen table and a dining table, and both should be sturdy and practical. Consider which shape and style of table will work best in your kitchen and/or dining room. Should it be classic or contemporary? Rectangular, oval, or round? Choose carefully, because well-built tables will last you for many years.
  • Chairs and stools in a dining room or kitchen don’t need to be as comfortable as they are practical. With their straight backs and minimal padding, they’re made to withstand the rigors of mealtime and kitchen activities, but should be attractive enough to fit with your table nicely. Often, your table will come with a set of chairs to match.

Outdoor Furniture

  • Your outdoor furniture can be an extension of your indoor living space. A far cry from the patio sets of generations past, today’s outdoor furniture is often built to be just as stylish and comfortable as the furniture you use inside.
  • Outdoor chairs must be durable. Designed to withstand the weather, these chairs must be made of materials that are easy to clean. The type of chairs you choose will depend largely on how you’ll use the space and how much space you have. With a smaller patio, folding chairs may be ideal because they can be put away when not in use. With a larger space, you have more room to establish furniture that stays out all the time. Will you design an outdoor living room or an outdoor kitchen? There are many options from which to choose, no matter what kind of space you desire.
  • Outdoor tables range from very simple to very complex. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and heights, and are made in a variety of styles, and in a wide range of materials. Some have a space for fitting an umbrella in the middle, while others are designed more like dining or bistro tables. The choices you make in terms of tables depend largely on the look you want and how much you have to spend.

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