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Choosing The Best Living Room Furniture

the best living room furniture

When it comes to home improvement, the final touches on this type of project are to arrange the furniture in a pleasing manner. It can be argued that living room furniture alone can convey the mood that a homeowner sets out to create. Whether you are going for a cozy look, a spacious feel, a modern display, or a traditional setup, the style, color, and arrangement of this furniture has an effect on the outcome. We’re here to offer some tips to help you with the process of choosing the best living room furniture for you!

Steps to choosing the best living room furniture

The question of "choosing the best living room furniture" is a loaded one, because what is defined as ‘best’ varies depending on what your vision for your home is. Before one can begin to discuss matters such as arrangement, style, or color of the furniture, one must look at the quality of a potential purchase. A furniture seller may claim to have beautiful living room sets, but that beauty may be temporary if it is cheaply made. It is important to do research before making any purchase. This means finding out what material it is made from (quality hardwood is recommended) and checking out previous customer reviews. 

The main types of living room furniture

When making a consolidated list of the most common living room furniture options, we can break these sections up into three main categories: Type, Color, & Style. The following are options you may consider when choosing the best living room furniture:


  • Sofas/Sectionals
    • This category includes love seats, 2 piece sofas, sectionals, and chaises. This category includes absolutely necessary and defining pieces. A sofa or sectional is usually the focal point of a room.
  • Chairs
    • Sofa chairs, benches, and accent chairs 
  • Tables
    • Coffee tables, side tables, and TV units 
  • Storage
    • Ottomans, shelves, and cabinets

Color & Style

Color & style can often be grouped together. For instance, the color white is associated with more modern looks, whereas natural wood tones and dark browns are seen as more traditional. Color & style are the factors that separate a modern or traditional home. A reversible chaise can easily be seen as more traditional if it is button-tufted rather than the leather look of mid-century modern fashion. A recliner sofa set can be made more modern by having it in a modern color and material such as white leather. Meanwhile, the classic pair of sofa chairs are often a traditional choice, but they can easily be found in a modern home with the right styling.

How should I arrange my living room furniture? 

When it comes to living room arrangement, one should view visual components as just as important as practical ones. For instance, a home can have every piece of furniture needed for comfortable living but still not quite hit the mark in terms of presence and atmosphere. This is where arrangement comes in. Here are some handy tips and tricks available to anyone who wants to transform their space into something completely different or compatible with the vision they have for their home:

Tips & Tricks

  • Furniture low to the ground can make a ceiling look higher and small spaces appear proportional
  • Add a rug underneath a coffee table in front of a couch to organically divide space between the living room and hallway, kitchen, or dining area
  • Decorating with white furniture can make a room feel more spacious
  • Floor lamps in the living room can add elegance and the appearance of greater ceiling height
  • An ottoman can double as a coffee table and extra storage (you can also use it as a footrest!)

Finally, when it comes to furniture arrangement, there are a few do’s and don’ts when defining a space:

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t line furniture up against windows
  • Don’t over-furnish
  • Don’t over-embellish with table lamps
  • Do leave ample space to move around
  • Do pair a coffee table with your couch or sectional sofa
  • Do pair an armchair with your couch for varied seating

Who makes the best quality living room furniture? 

Quality and price play a factor in determining what makes a furniture company stand out from the rest. When comparing popular furniture companies such as West Elm or Rooms to Go, you will want to compare using these three categories:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Style

At BEL Furniture, we believe that quality furniture does not need to be overpriced. You can achieve your home’s desired look within budget, and have money left over to bring your space to life with decor that fits your needs. Whether you are looking to buy just a sofa set or an entire home theater set-up, we have the furniture that can bring your vision to life. When it comes to the choosing the best living room furniture, BEL can’t be beat.

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