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How Do You Know When to Transition from Toddler Bed to Twin Bed?

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As rewarding as it can be, being a parent has more than its fair share of challenges, some easier than others. One of the trickier questions for parents to answer is when to transition from toddler bed to twin bed. It probably isn’t one that many parents consider until they’re forced to and, like with most other parts of raising children, the answer can vary.

The good news is, while there may not be a one-size-fits-all answer for when to transition from toddler bed to twin bed, there are several signs and milestones that parents can keep an eye out for as their child grows.

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When Should You Stop Using a Toddler Bed?

Knowing when to transition to a big kid bed depends on a few factors. On average, kids switch from a crib to bed between three and four-years-old, but this can also happen earlier or later. Many toddler beds have a weight limit of 50 lbs, so regardless of age, if your child has grown past that, it’s time to transition them to a bigger bed.

For example, if you’re hearing thuds and thumps throughout the night, it could be your child hitting the rails of their toddler bed as they try to get comfortable. If they can’t stretch out comfortably, it is probably best to move them to a bigger size mattress.

Many crib and toddler bed mattresses are extra-firm for safety’s sake. While this may be great for infants and toddlers, the same can’t be said for growing children. Not only is your child fast outgrowing the bed’s boundaries, but the crib mattress isn’t exactly the most comfortable either.

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Is There a Bed Between a Toddler Bed and a Twin Bed?

It is perfectly fine and safe to move your child straight to a twin size mattress without any extra steps. In fact, making the jump can save you money; there isn’t any hard evidence that says a toddler bed offers any extra benefits that a regular size mattress doesn’t, so there isn’t a need to spend money on a bed that your child will only sleep in for a brief amount of time.

Parents hesitant to move their children to a, “big kid bed,” so quickly can rest assured, as there are different measures they can take to make sure the transition is safe and smooth for their child.

To start the transition, try pushing the bed against the wall, and add bed railings to the other side to keep your little ones safe while they get used to their bigger twin size bed. Another option is to place the new mattress directly on the floor for the first few weeks, until your toddler is sleeping peacefully and you think they’re ready for the next step.

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When Should I Move My Toddler to a Twin Bed?

Outside of the other criteria, there are other situations where you might think it's time for your toddler to move to a twin size mattress. Situations like redecorations, renovations, or even moves to a new home are all perfect opportunities. In general, kids aren’t always the most receptive to sudden changes, especially to their bedtime routine, so transitioning from a crib to a twin size bed can be nerve wracking for small children.

But, if you’re already going to be making a lot of big changes all at once, the new mattress can be a seamless move. To make the process easier on your toddler, you can involve them in the process; let them pick out new sheets or pillows that catch their eye. This can turn an otherwise unsettling time for children to an exciting one.

Or, if you’re expecting a new addition to your family, that can be one of the biggest motivators for making the switch from crib to bed. Instead of buying a second crib, most families opt to change their toddler bed back into a crib for the new baby, which means the soon-to-be big brother/sister gets their own big kid bed.

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How Bel Furniture Can Help

Hopefully, the criteria we’ve laid out helps you figure out when to transition from toddler bed to twin bed. It can be an ambiguous milestone for children, and ultimately, no one knows your child better than you. If you think it’s time to transition, then it’s probably time.

Fortunately, Bel Furniture has several high quality twin size beds and bedroom sets for your growing child, as well as a variety of other well made, affordable pieces. But, just like how only you know when the time is right to climb out of the crib, only you know what type of bed is right for your growing child—we can’t pick the bed for you.

Get in touch with us either online or in-store, and our team will work with you to make your child’s transition from crib to bed as smooth as possible.

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