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How to Furnish a Small Backyard

How to furnish a small patio

How to Furnish a Small Backyard in Texas

You don’t need a significant amount of space to turn your backyard into your own personal paradise. A quaint, well-equipped outdoor hangout spot goes a long way, and knowing how to furnish and accessorize your little square footage allows you to make the most of your space. Here are some ways to make your small backyard unbeataBEL.

Create an UnbeataBEL Lounge Area

Creating a lounge area with outdoor living room furniture gives your yard a sense of coziness, and there are several hacks that can stretch your square footage. Placing your furniture at an angle creates the illusion of space, and positioning them against your house or fence allows movement. Multi-functional furniture pieces, like L-shaped couches, are great for smaller areas as they accommodate multiple people.

Include a Small Space to Gather & Eat

Texas offers excellent weather for much of the year, and what better way to spend time with your loved ones than a nice meal outside at your outdoor dining room table? Choose quality furniture at one of Bel Furniture’s showrooms and create a place for your family to gather outdoors. A high table with chairs that can be stored underneath will save you space.

Spruce It Up With Decorations

You can make any space look put together and vibrant by adding accessories that complement your furniture and home. Colorful pillows help bring your home’s outdoor area together, and add comfort and relaxation to your space. Vases or flowerpots are an excellent addition; you can utilize them as more than décor, and plant herbs and vegetables for your family to enjoy.

Investing in Your Privacy

Small backyards often mean that your home is positioned close to your neighbors, which can deter you from utilizing your yard, as everyone enjoys privacy. Adding a trellis to your yard provides privacy and adds a decorative flair. If a trellis isn’t for you, you can create privacy by backing your furniture up to your fence, preventing outsiders from peering in as you enjoy your outdoor space.

The Benefits of Enhancing Your Small Backyard

Small backyards offer you the ability to host friends and family or have a quiet space to enjoy some alone time. When the beautiful weather hits, having a fully equipped small backyard allows you to invite your loved ones over for some holiday fun.

Bring Your Small Backyard Vision to Life

Bring your small backyard vision to life with Bel Furniture. We are the largest family-owned, factory-direct furniture company in Texas, with 19 showrooms and three distribution centers. We’re convenient for customers from Corpus Christi and Beaumont and throughout Texas! We offer financing, lease-to-own options, and the lowest price backed by our 180-day price guarantee. If you need quality furniture, Bel Furniture has unbeataBEL options. Contact us today or stop by one of our exceptional showrooms!

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