How to Set Up a Learning Space with a Homeschool Furniture Budget

August 06, 2020

Kids back to school furniture for home

It’s back to school time again. The coronavirus pandemic has left many with safety concerns, giving parents cause to think about keeping their children home for the upcoming semester. We are here to tell you that there is a way for parents to keep their kids safe by schooling them at home, maintaining their standard of education, and still being able to get their own work done. 

Establishing a set place where your little learners can feel comfortable and focused is essential; just like you need an office to work, children are more likely to thrive in a classroom-like setting. Keep reading to learn more about how buying home school furniture can help set your child up for success without breaking the bank!

create a school like environment at home

What You’ll Need to Create a School-like Environment 

Setting the scene for your child’s home learning is an easily overlooked but essential task that could make the difference between them excelling or falling behind. It may be tempting to simply sit them down at the kitchen table and expect them to do their work, but they will need their own space to stay focused. If they feel comfortable and enjoy the space, they will be excited to get up and learn every day. Check out these essential items you’ll need to create a school-like environment to help make the experience comfortable, interactive, and fun!


    Ensuring that your child has a good desk is essential if you are trying to recreate the classroom environment. Depending on the age and size of your child, there are many types of desks that can suit their needs and styles. If you live in an apartment, have several children sharing space, or just have limited square-footage, getting a desk that attaches to a bunk bed is a great option.

    twin bunk bed and desk combination
    There are also tons of great colors and styles to choose from. Let your child help in the decision-making process to get them excited about their new school situation. 


      The chair that your child uses will make or break their homeschooling experience. Get them a comfortable, adult chair that they can grow into as they get older. A regular-sized chair will help in practicing good posture and promote active listening. A good chair will also make sure they have the stamina to sit all day to do their schoolwork.

      school office chair for kids

      At Bel Furniture, we have lots of comfortable and classic options that will be versatile as your children grow and change their bedroom decor. 


        Whether your child is an avid reader or not, they need a stocked bookshelf. Not only does a bookshelf encourage them to read, but it also helps with organizational skills. Teach them to organize their books alphabetically by author or by subject!

        Crown Mark Bookcase

        Our spacious, modern designs are perfect for all bedroom styles and can hold books, writing materials, and more!

        Bed + Mattress

          Your child probably already has a bed, but now might be the time to take the plunge and buy them a new bedroom set. At Bel Furniture, we have affordable, 3-piece beds and mattresses that will give your child the bedroom of their dreams and a good night's sleep to keep up with their studies. Many of our child beds also function as multi-purpose storage organization to help keep their room clean and tidy.

          mollai collections 3 piece captain bed 

          Furniture Sets

            If you have the extra space in your home or need to furnish an entire room, buy a complete set of children’s furniture and help to create a designated space for your children to call their own. Incorporating your homeschooling furniture into their bedroom or child-specific common area can also help to save space while giving the room an affordable overhaul. 

            Mollai Collection 6 Piece Youth Twin Bedroom Set

            Our sets include kids table and chair sets, storage organization, classroom furniture, and other kids furniture. 


              A good lamp is necessary for any office space. Get your child one of our stylish, affordable, and functional lamps for their new learning spaces. This will help to make sure their eyes aren’t straining and make reading and writing easier.

              Crown Mark Table Lamp

              Dry Erase or Chalkboard

                If your child is struggling with the new schooling situation, it may be helpful to get them a chalkboard or dry erase board to help replicate their normal school environment. This is a functional and interactive way for them to learn and saves paper too. If you are a working parent and are unable to supervise your child as they do their schoolwork, you can leave written instructions for them to follow on the board and have them leave it up so that you can check their work when you have the time. 

                Homeschooling in a Small Space

                You don’t need to have a sprawling home in order to provide your child with a good space to learn. The two most important rules to enforce is to keep a designated area for school work and keep strict deadlines to maintain productivity. If you have a smaller space, storage and organization are also key. Encourage your child to keep their supplies on a bookshelf or in their desk so that schoolwork is out of sight when it’s time for fun!

                homeschooling in small space

                Bel Furniture for Kids Furniture

                The current state of the world has caused everyone to adjust and abandon their usual routines and the upcoming school year is no exception. Bel Furniture’s discount school furniture options are curated with families of all backgrounds in mind to ensure that your child excels in school so that the adults in your household can focus on succeeding at work. If you are scrambling to set up a home learning area for your children before the start of school in the coming weeks, shop our extensive collections of adult and children’s home school furniture online or in-store today. You’re sure to find a great deal on everything that you need! Together, we can make sure your child puts their best foot forward this coming school year.

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