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How to Set Up Your Ergonomic Home Office

How to Set Up Your Ergonomic Home Office

In the past couple of years, more people than ever have started working from home. In fact, as of 2021 26.7 percent of employees in the United States worked remotely, and that number is expected to climb in the coming years, with 36.2 million Americans expected to be working remotely by 2025. If you’re new to working from home, you may be tempted to run down to the home office furniture store and grab whatever happens to be on sale, but that’s a mistake. Bel Furniture has some great advice about how to set up an ergonomic home office.

What is an ergonomic home office and why is it so important? An ergonomic space is designed to be efficient and comfortable. When your home office is ergonomic, you’ll be able to maximize your productivity, but that’s not the only reason you should do it. It’s also important because it minimizes your risk of injury, which one of the keys to successfully working from home.

  • The first step is to dedicate a space to working. It doesn’t have to be huge, sometimes a nook is all you need. Is there a closet you can clear, or a space tucked away somewhere, perhaps at the end of a hallway or under the stairs? All you really need for a home office is a surface, some storage, good lighting, and the right chair.
  • Did you know that lighting can be ergonomic? You may have only heard the term applied to furniture, but when it comes to lighting, ergonomics means the right lighting in the right place. Without good lighting, glare and shadows can affect you, causing headaches and eyestrain, along with a sore neck. Set up your office with as much natural light as you can, and sit next to a window instead of having the window in front of or behind you, to reduce glare. When it’s sunny out, use your blinds or shades to dim the light so that it’s not brighter than your computer screen. A task light can also be helpful, offsetting the brightness of your computer while illuminating your desk.
  • Have a place to rest your feet. Sitting with feet flat on the floor creates contact between the backs of the thighs and the edge of your seat, reducing the circulation to your lower extremities. When you choose a footrest, look for one that rocks, so that you can keep your legs moving and your blood flowing properly.
  • Choose an adjustable desk. Have you heard that when it comes to your health, sitting is the new smoking? Sitting for long stretches increases your risk of numerous health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and more. Consider a desk that allows both sitting and standing is ideal if you can fit it into your office.
  • Pick the perfect ergonomic office chair. If there’s any piece of office furniture that deserves investment and attention, it’s the office chair. Whenever you must sit, it’s crucial to have a chair that properly supports your back and allows you to focus on your computer screen. You should be able to lean slightly back while you sit, with your thighs parallel to the floor, your knees at a 90-degree angle, your arms on the armrests, and your legs supported without your circulation being impeded. If your chair supports your spine from the base of the spine to the tailbone, you’ll be able to focus on your tasks, and you’ll protect the health of your spine.

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