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Protecting Outdoor Furniture From Weather Conditions

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When protecting outdoor furniture from weather conditions you must first understand the climate you live in. Does it rain heavy and often? Is it humid? Does your area endure freezing or below temperatures? These are all critical conditions than can harm your furniture. However, these aren't the only conditions that affect outside furniture. Even the simplest of conditions such as too much sunlight can overload your furniture with harmful UV rays that can leave your lavish outdoor living look like it's rotting away. It’s important to remember that outdoor furniture will have different upkeep needs than indoor living room furniture.

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture From Weather?

Care for furniture, especially outdoor furniture materials, differs by the material it’s made up of. Different types of outdoor furniture require varying levels of care. Here are the best ways to protect your outdoor living by material:

  • Wood
    • Coat wood furniture in a waterproof sealant- after it rains or if you live in an area where there tends to be a lot of moisture in the air, sealants will prevent the wood from absorbing excess moisture that leads to splitting and warping.
    • Paint- Painting the wood can take away from the natural look you desired. However, it can act as a sealant and protect it from everyday weather.
  • Plastic or Acrylic
    • Apply a coat of outdoor furniture protector with a paintbrush so that the plastic furniture is not warped or faded by the UV rays outside.
    • This material is safe to clean with a simple water hose or even a pressure washer.
  • Rattan or Wicker
    • This material dries out easily in the sun, but using sealant on this material is ill-advised since it will cause diminished value and discoloration. Instead, lightly misting your wicker furniture about twice a month will help retain a healthy amount of moisture.
    • Dust and brush your wicker furniture regularly and spot clean with warm water, as dirt can become stuck in the intricate crevices of this material.

  • Metal
    • If your furniture is made of any type of metal (like wrought iron, for instance), your biggest concern is rust. You should keep any metal furniture protected under a patio set or stored in some way away from moisture when it rains.
    • Paste wax can be used to coat your metal furniture to prevent rust. The wax acts as a water repellant. Clean with dish soap and water before applying.

How Do I Protect My Patio Furniture In the Winter?

Trying to protect your outdoor furniture in the colder months is a whole other beast to conquer, especially when it comes to snow. If the weather is cold and dry, then misting furniture can lead to ice sheets. If the weather is cold and wet, then failing to protect your outdoor furniture will result in ruined belongings. The best way to protect furniture from snow is to either place a tarp over all of your furniture or to store it when it snows.

Should I Cover My Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor living is peaceful and relaxing when you know that your furniture is protected. Furniture covers are a good option for those who do not want to mess with the original quality of the material. If you live in an area that does not get a lot of rain, even better for the sake of your furniture.

What Are The Best Covers For Outdoor Furniture?

Plastic or canvas covers are the way to go when it comes to outdoor living. For lighter coverage, you can opt for waterproof pillows placed smartly to protect large exposed areas. The most important thing to consider is whether a cover is waterproof or not. It is one thing to protect from dirt and dust, but water can quickly ruin most furniture if not properly protected. 

At Bel Furniture, furniture covers are available so that you know you are always protecting outdoor furniture from weather conditions. Now that you know what is needed for each type of material and weather conditions, your search for the perfect patio set-up just got that much easier.

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