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Proven Methods That Work To Remove Water Stains From Fabric

Proven Methods That Work To Remove Water Stains From Fabric

If you own fabric furniture, you have most likely googled the phrase “how to remove stains from fabric sofa” at least once in your life. The most common type of stain is water stains on upholstery because of the water spots that are left behind even after it has dried. The good news is that removing water stains does not require any fancy equipment or cleaning supplies. You can use what you already have at your disposal in your own home. Read on to learn more about how to remove water stains from fabric.

Supplies You’ll Need

The following supplies list is short and sweet, and every item can be found right in your home. 

You will need:

  • Distilled Water
  • Vinegar
  • Clean cloth
  • Hair dryer

Removing The Stain on Fabric

The reason why water stains fabric is not the water itself, but the minerals found in the water that can leave a ring of residue after drying. This is why distilled water is needed for this process. If possible, always begin the stain removal process while your fabric is still wet, blotting the area with a clean, dry cloth. This simple process only applies to fabric that has not dried yet. If your fabric has dried already and has left a water stain, then follow these additional steps.

Step 1:

Make a vinegar solution that is half distilled water, half vinegar

Step 2:

Dampen a clean cloth in the solution and wring out any extra liquid so that it is not dripping

Step 3:

Blot the affected area of fabric. Do not rub the fabric or put too much pressure on the cloth to the furniture. You are gently dabbing the stain.

Step 4:

Once the stain has been removed, you should be left with a damp spot that can dry into another stain if not dried properly. Take your hair dryer and dry the spot from a safe distance on the “cool” setting.

Additional Tips:

  • Do not apply water directly to the fabric
  • Do not use warm or hot air setting on your hair dryer
  • Use water and vinegar sparingly
  • Always check manufacturer cleaning recommendations beforehand

Ways To Prevent Water Stains

If you foresee water stains becoming an unavoidable part of life, you can invest in a waterproof cover for your furniture. The best types of covers are those that do not require dry cleaning and can simply be thrown into the wash when the time comes. However, if you prefer the look of your couch’s fabric to be on display, there are water shield sprays that you can use on your furniture to make it water-resistant. This is also a cheaper method than buying a sofa cover. Do be aware that using a spray may change the feeling of the fabric. However, your furniture will look nice and pristine.

Is Fabric Furniture For You?

The easiest way to avoid fabric furniture stains is to avoid buying fabric furniture. While there is a lot to love about this style of furniture, faux leather can be a great option for people who are tired of wondering how to remove stains from fabric sofas. Bel Furniture has a large selection of not only fabric furniture (such as microsuede), but faux leather and leather-aire furniture as well. There’s something for everyone at Bel, so feel free to shop around and take your time to find the perfect sofa, chair, or sectional.

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