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The Benefits of Adding an Accent Table to Any Space

The Benefits of Adding an Accent Table to Any Space

When you’re strolling through a home furniture store, the purpose of some pieces of furniture are obvious. Sofas, wardrobes, beds, and dining tables all have discernable, useful purposes. The reason for other pieces, like accent tables, is a little harder to comprehend. Rest assured, the right accent table from a quality furniture store is far more than a decoration and can make a big impact on the look and feel of any room. Here, Bel Furniture explains the benefits of adding accent tables to your space.

  • Accent tables are an important part of interior design. They can give a room a finished look while also improving its flow. Easily accessible to people who are seated, they offer convenient surfaces to those on the couch and chairs. While your coffee table is a great place to set things down, accent tables can be placed to be within easier reach to those a little too far away from the coffee table.
  • You can use an accent table as a compact bookshelf. Whether it’s beside your bed or favorite armchair, a strategically chosen and placed accent table can hold your books within easy reach. Especially if your books are aesthetically appealing, this little bookshelf accent table can become an interesting focal point in any room.
  • Accent tables can bring balance to a room. Placed on either side of a sofa or bed, little accent tables can add symmetry and visually balance the space. For even more balance, make sure the accessories on top of the tables are also symmetrical.
  • Bring order to your office with under-desk accent tables. You may never have thought about it, but accent tables under your desk can provide storage and help you control clutter. Look for a style with shelves or drawers, and make sure the little tables match the other furniture in the room. Measure carefully, so that you can still fit your legs under the desk, too.
  • Reflective accent tables can boost your lighting. You already know that hanging a mirror makes a room feel larger and brighter. What you may not realize, though, is that accent tables with mirrored or reflective surfaces can accomplish the same goal. Putting a lamp on top of a reflective table can even increase the light in your room when natural light is at its lowest.
  • An accent table can turn a floral arrangement into a focal point. When you put a vase of flowers or a bonsai tree on a beautiful accent table, you’ve created a point of interest that’s essentially a work of art.
  • Choose accent tables that complement your décor theme. Try to keep an end table on the same level of the arm of your chair or sofa, and make sure it’s the right proportion. It’s fine to mix and match materials, and choosing an accent table that contrasts with other furniture in the room can make a room look eclectic and interesting, but remember to keep everything in a similar theme. That theme could be a color palette, an era of furniture design, or even a structural detail.

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