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What is modern bedroom furniture?

What is modern bedroom furniture?

Do you like modern furniture better, or do you prefer contemporary? If this question surprises you because you thought those two types of furniture were the same thing, you’re not alone. Many people make this mistake, because the words modern and contemporary have similar meanings. When it comes to furniture, though, they refer to two distinct styles resulting from different influences and time periods. Let’s discuss the differences, and talk about modern bedroom furniture.

Modern furniture is based on a specific style, the Modernist movement. This is a style that started in the early 20th century with the Bauhaus school of design, as a backlash against the ornate designs that had been in favor up to that point. So, what does modern furniture look like? The main principles of design include minimalism, smooth surfaces, clean, straight lines, neutrals with pops of vivid colors, and mixed materials, largely woods and metals.

There are some similarities between modern and contemporary furniture. Both styles of furnishings favor simplicity and focus on a minimalistic look. While modern furniture incorporates straight lines, however, contemporary furniture tends to incorporate large, sweeping curves into its design. Another major difference is color, with contemporary furniture using it more boldly.

What would you expect to find in terms of modern bedroom furniture? Think about that minimalistic simplicity, the straight lines, and those neutral colors, and how they can be used to create a relaxing space. While sleek might not sound soothing to you,  the reality is that when the surfaces are uncluttered and the lines are clean, the whole room will feel more restful.

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