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Product or Service questions Please call 832-358-8899

For Product or Service questions
Please call 832-358-8899

Protection Plan

Protect your furniture from accidents for just pennies a day.

Peace of Mind

Spilled coffee on your pristine sofa? Found a water ring tarnishing your new nightstand? Perhaps spaghetti mishaps on your freshly upholstered dining chairs? Accidents are inevitable. But fret not. Safeguard your valuable assets with the Guardian Protection Plan by Bel Furniture. With our comprehensive coverage, rest assured that we'll handle repairs or replacements throughout the plan's duration.

Don't Use It, Don't Lose It.

When you invest in a 5-Year Guardian Protection Plan from Bel Furniture and don't use it, you won't lose it! If you don't make a claim over the duration of your plan, you'll redeem the value of the original protection plan through a Guardian gift certificate.