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4 Different Living Room Ideas With Accent Chairs

4 Different Living Room Ideas With Accent Chairs from Bel Furniture 2

Accent chairs (also known as lounge chairs) are a key tool when it comes to interior design. They are smaller pieces of room furniture, generally meant more for decoration and filling space. However, accent chairs can also be just as functional as they are artistic. Accent chairs come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, so to show you how fun and versatile they can be, we’ve put together just a few of our favorite ones in an attempt to help you come up with some living room ideas with accent chairs.

How to Style Accent Chairs

It is important to establish a few guidelines for yourself before you jump into a selection of available accent chairs, otherwise you could pick out something you end up unhappy with. For example, we mentioned that some accent chairs are designed more for home decorating, while others have more utility in a living space.

Before you start browsing, decide how you plan on using your furniture, and keep it in mind when looking at different accent chairs. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles; just because French country and modern farmhouse styles lean heavily on warm and neutral colors and simple, muted fabrics, doesn’t mean your accent chair has to be the same way.

Different textures, materials, and even styles can complement each other. Before, we’ve covered how to pair grey couches with other furniture, and a lot of these same principles apply to accent chairs as well. With that said, let’s look at some of the best accent chairs on the market today!

Bel Furniture tips on how to style accent chairs 2

The Accent Armchair

Perhaps the most popular type of accent chair is the armchair. As the name suggests, this type of accent chair offers extra support in the form of arms that are typically built into the frame. On one hand, this means that the piece is relatively more durable and will last years, but on the other, it means that it’s also larger and heavier than others. Basically, this type of accent chair can only fit in your living room (or maybe a large master bedroom), and once it’s there, it’s probably going to stay there.

This sturdy, comfortable accent chair and ottoman set comes in several different colors and designs, giving you options for home decorating. This combo can either be a stylish complement to your living room set, or you could tuck it into a corner to make a quiet, relaxing reading/working corner.

Mid-century Modern Set with Bel Furniture accent chair 2

Mid-century Modern Set

The mid-century modern style of design has seen several highs and lows in popularity since the 1940s-60s. These days, mid-century modern is preferred as a complementary interior design style, with smaller pieces here and there to accentuate another, dominant style like bohemian/boho.

In either case, these stunning, comfortable chair and ottoman sets could slot in quite nicely. Coming in either yellow or dark gray, this set has a solid wood frame and plush upholstery, making it both soft and solid. This solid frame can also be slept on, as this accent chair can be laid flat and serve almost like a daybed.

Sleek Contemporary Lounge Chair

The definition of contemporary changes, as it is just a term to describe whatever the current style is at the time. However, there are basic principles that you can stick to, to give your living areas a contemporary feel. Dark, neutral colors and clean, simple lines and shapes are key here. Other words typically associated with contemporary include calming, uncluttered, crisp, and sleek.

This subtle yet sophisticated lightweight accent chair is both easy on your body and your wallet. Its extra padding makes sitting in it one of the most comfortable experiences you could have. The dark, unobtrusive leather combined with neat, orderly lines truly captures the spirit of contemporary design, making it absolutely perfect for an office, an industrial-themed loft, or even a traditional home design.

Curved Wingback Accent Chair From Bel Furniture 2

Curved Wingback Accent Chair

Another common type of accent chair is the wingback chair, which draws its name from the “wings” built into the frame. Wingback chairs also have a relatively more extravagant aesthetic, making them a better choice for a classical or coastal type of interior design, as opposed to something more modern.

Back in the day, the purpose of the “wings” were to trap heat from a fireplace and give you the feeling of sitting in a warm, cozy cocoon. Even if you don’t regularly sit in front of a fireplace, they still give you a comforting feeling. The drawbacks with these chairs are similar to those of the armchair, meaning this chair will probably be limited to larger areas and won’t be easy to move around.

To get the most out of wingback accent chairs, consider this modernized, polyester-upholstered chair with tapered wood legs. The subtle curves and angles give this piece a sophisticated look that really fits the classical appeal. Lastly, the polyester upholstery is strong enough to stand up to daily use, and is easy to clean in case of any accidents. So this chair is particularly durable, and will last you for years and years.

Living Room Ideas With Accent Chairs at Bel Furniture 2

Living Room Ideas With Accent Chairs at Bel Furniture

Accent chairs provide living areas with an incredible degree of interior design flexibility. They provide extra sitting space and can also serve as artistic pieces that either contrast or complement existing room furniture. The available variety of colors, shapes, and materials mean that, no matter the layout of your living space, there is an accent chair that can fit right in.

If this blog has inspired you to come up with some of your own living room ideas with accent chairs, then you should know that the accent chairs listed here are just some of the chairs in our inventory, and that we have much more to offer. You can browse more accent chairs on our website, or stop by your local Bel Furniture, and get with one of our expert associates to find the right accent chair for you!

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