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How to Pair What Color Coffee Table With Grey Couch

 Grey Modern Style Couch from Bel Furniture in Texas

When it comes to interior design, grey is the poster child of versatility, as it can fit with just about any color scheme. While some may regard it as a, “boring,” color, this reputation is undeserved. What some might consider uninteresting is actually an exciting opportunity; a blank canvas.

Having a grey couch is almost standard in interior design nowadays, and is only becoming more trendy. A grey couch’s versatility is unmatched and offers a diverse amount of accessory and design options. If you’re not sure how to match what color coffee table with grey couch, don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

Modern grey living room set 2

What Compliments Grey Furniture?

Grey is actually the best-selling color of couch, due to its very modern look and how easy it is to clean. Grey also comes in different shades, so if a, “dark,” shade of grey isn’t how you’d like to describe your tastes, there’s also, “light,” grey available that have all the same benefits.

Due to its neutral color, a grey sofa can be paired with any type of look. For instance, if you want your room to have a more modern look, pair grey with gold, or silver options. Gold adds a splash of color while still blending in, while silver tends to match grey but brings a different texture that contrasts that of your grey sofa. Silver has a shiny look to it that draws the eye and also reflects light and other elements within your room.

Speaking of textures, this is another opportunity to play with the interior design of your room furniture. Mixing and matching textures, such as microfiber, velvet, and linen, can bring a new layer of depth and detail to your living room. Cover your grey sofa with a super soft, sherpa throw blanket to create different textures and color combinations, or bring in an area rug that really catches your eye; have fun with it!

Styling room furniture is all about creating visually striking contrasts, so use visually diverse textures and materials to compliment your grey sofa. Due to its neutral, mid-tones, grey can also function as a middle ground for differing furniture styles; use a grey sofa to connect mid-century and traditional pieces.

The last thing to consider when picking pieces to go with your lovely furniture is shape and contour; if you have a mostly square grey couch, consider pieces with a bit of curve to give your space that contrast it’s missing.

Grey couch from Bel Furniture

What Coffee Table Goes Well With a Grey Couch?

Now that we have the proper guidelines laid out, we can get to the fun part: picking the right coffee table to go with your grey couch. Fortunately, Bel Furniture has several coffee table sets in a wide range of styles that would fit nicely with your grey couch.

This sleek, modern three-piece coffee table set comes to mind, with its smooth, wooden top and slim, metal legs. The combination of curving legs with the angular wooden top provide both circular and square shapes that provide more dynamic contrast, regardless of your grey couch’s shape.

This table also brings two visually different textures to your living space. As we mentioned above, mixing up different textures adds layers to your living room and gives it a unique feel. Additionally, the crisp, modern design of this coffee table set will pair nicely with the, “blank canvas,” that is your grey couch.

Our next suggestion is this modern, star-style set with a tempered glass top. Whether you have a, “light,” or, “dark,” grey couch, the polished cherry wood finish of this coffee table will be a match for sure. Each piece also features an eye-catching, star/asterisk-shaped base that will really pop next to the subtlety of a grey couch.

Since grey is a modest color, any bold colored piece will have all the space it needs to fully shine, even particularly dark colors. The tempered glass top also plays a huge role, as glass lets sunlight through, brightening the room and making it feel more lively. Of course, glass also fits alongside any style of furniture, so much like your grey couch, the coffee table and accompanying side tables will prove to be incredibly versatile.

We also have this unique, retro-inspired three-piece coffee table set, which takes the versatility of glass tabletops, and really leans into it. This time, the entire tabletop is glass, instead of just the inner part, so everything we just said about glass tables applies here, but is dialed up a notch.

This wooden table base is more slender than the previous coffee table’s, so the whole set makes a room look more spacious. We’ve previously talked about why glass tables are great for smaller apartments, and a lot of the same points apply here as well. These tables will illuminate the room, making it look more alive and open than an opaque table could.

Not to mention, the uncommon curving legs will make these pieces stand out not just from your living room, but from other tables as well. With your grey couch setting the stage, your coffee table will be sure to make a statement

Lastly on our list is this urbane three-piece coffee table set. Both the smooth wooden base and its beautifully designed tabletop will be the perfect visual and textural contrast to your grey couch. The brightness and reflectivity will pair nicely with the calm, muted nature of the grey, and the different sizes and shapes of the tables will give the entire room greater visual variety.

In terms of design, this particular coffee table has a very simple design, meaning it should be able to slide into any living room. If you were looking for a coffee table to be a focal point of the room, this set could be the one for you.

Grey Couch with white coffee table

Picking the Right Coffee Table

Those are just a few of the many options available at Bel Furniture, the largest in-stock furniture store in Texas. A grey couch is one of the more versatile options for interior design, due to its harmonizing nature. After being labeled boring for so long, it’s time to appreciate how flexible a grey couch can actually be.

To really get a feel for how to pair what color coffee table with grey couch, either visit our website or your local Bel Furniture showroom. Our squad of experts can work with you to really help you decide what coffee table set will be the one to sit next to your grey couch, and make your living room THE place to be.

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