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Buying Kids Bunk Beds | What to Consider

Buying Kids Bunk Beds

Buying kid furniture can be tough. Trying to balance your budget and the need for safety and functionality alongside your child’s preferences is a challenge for many parents.  For most kids, a bunk bed is an exciting sleeping arrangement; for parents, it likely seems like an accident waiting to happen. But what is a fun luxury for some families might be a necessity for others. 

Many families require bunk beds in order to comfortably fit multiple children into one room. If this is the case in your household, bunk beds might be a saving grace. Here is what to consider when buying kids bunk beds. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Bunk Bed? 

If you are considering a bunk bed, odds are that functionality is the main thing that you are looking for. Consider the size of the room you are looking to furnish and choose a bunk bed design that is going to best serve the needs of your family. Does a bunk bed fit properly in the bedroom? Ideally, a bunk bed should be positioned against at least one wall, if not two-- the fewer sides to a sleeping child to roll out of, the better--  without the obstruction of any windows or doors. You are going to need to measure your space to ensure that everything fits. Make sure there is no ceiling fan or light fixture for your children to bump their head on as they climb out of bed in the dark to use the restroom. 

With functionality being key, you want to optimize the space as much as possible. If you only have one child, a loft bed with a desk instead of a bottom bunk might be a good way to give them extra floor space. Does the size of your house dictate that two or more of your children have to share a room? If they are young and about the same size, a twin over twin bunk bed should suffice. However, oftentimes older siblings have to share a room with a much younger child; in this instance, a full bunk bed or a twin over full might be the way to go.

Beds with storage space can also help to make a small room more functional. Many bunk beds have drawers and built-in shelves to lessen and oftentimes completely erase the need for dressers and other storage in the bedroom, giving your children as much room as possible. 

Are Bunk Beds a Good Idea? 

Parents should think about their children’s’ personalities and maturity levels before bringing a bunk bed into the home. If two children are sharing the bedroom night after night, odds are that there is going to be some conflict over who gets to sleep on the top bunk. In this case, the bunk bed might be more trouble than it’s worth. 

Another thing to consider is the age of your children. The acceptable age for a child sleeping on the top bunk is 6. Still, the fact remains that children like to climb ladders, jump on beds, jump off of beds, and horseplay. If your kids have trouble following rules that are set in place for their safety, then it might not be a good idea to bring home a bunk bed. 

What Are the Best Quality Bunk Beds? 

Bunk beds are most commonly made from metal and wood. Metal is generally cheap but can still be a good option if it is well-made and stable. The safest and best quality option is usually considered to be wood. Solid wood bed frames champion stability, longevity, and a timeless look. They also come in many finish options, making them more customizable for your child’s bedroom theme. 

What Should Be the Height Between Bunk Beds? 

The height between bunk beds depends on the size of the bed and the size of your child. If you select a low bunk bed for smaller children, the average height between the bottom and top bunk is about 24 inches. Taller bunk beds can be anywhere between 26-29 inches.  When you go shopping for the bunk bed, take your child with you. That way, they get to give input and you get to have them sit and lie down on the bed to ensure that it is the proper height. 

Shopping for a bunk bed should be fun! If you still don’t know what to consider when buying kids bunk beds, stop in at Bel Furniture where one of our sales representatives can help you to decide what will best suit your home and your family. 

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