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How to Shop for Black Friday Furniture Sales

Bel Furniture Black Friday Sales

It’s that time of year again, and we don’t mean Thanksgiving. We’re talking about Black Friday! Black Friday is arguably one of the most anticipated days of the year, even more so than Christmas and Thanksgiving for some people; not only is it a day to get amazing deals, but lots of shoppers make most of their big home purchases on that one day. And while Black Friday will look different this year because of COVID-19, shoppers will still be able to find Black Friday deals both in-store and online. Keep reading to learn more about how to make the most of black friday furniture sales!

furniture sale for black friday 2020

When Will the Black Friday Furniture Deals Start?

The Black Friday sale traditionally started and ended at midnight the Friday following Thanksgiving. However, in recent years the sale tends to stretch out across an entire week, all the way through to the Cyber Monday sale. In extreme cases, shoppers are able to take advantage of Black Friday sales as early as two weeks before the actual day! In light of this, it’s important that you keep an eye out for sale advertisements so you can plan out your purchases.

shop black friday furniture deals

What to Shop For in a Black Friday Sale?

Whether you’re looking to get your Christmas shopping done early or have a long wish list of items that you want to get for a discount, Black Friday is the best time for it! Most shoppers will be in the market for big ticket items like electronics but wait until after Christmas to start shopping furniture sales. However, we argue that Black Friday is the best day to shop for furniture because most people are looking to give their home a refreshed look for Christmas and New Years. And if you are shopping with BEL Furniture, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price, period. Check out our furniture recommendations for Black Friday 2020:

Living Room Furniture and Televisions

  • Nothing says home for the holidays like a cozy living room setup! Christmas is just around the corner, and your Christmas tree deserves the perfect backdrop! If you’ve been meaning to buy a new couch, sectional, coffee table, or other living room furniture piece, you can get some amazing deals! Take advantage of our Black Friday sectional deals  and Black Friday couch deals to transform your space. 
  • One of the most popular items that people shop for on Black Friday is a television. And with Black Friday sales taking their prices down considerably, it’ll be a great opportunity to spring for that massive smart TV you’ve been eyeballing. This purchase could also make a great gift for the video gamer, Netflix fiend, or sports fanatic in your life. And if you’re going to shop for a television, it makes sense to also invest in a new entertainment center or TV stand for your living room or home theater!

Dining Room Furniture 

  • The food shouldn’t be the only thing that impresses your guests in the dining room on Thanksgiving. If you’re planning on hosting at your home, make the most of these amazing deals and get a dining room set that will leave your guests in awe. And because BEL Furniture’s Black Friday furniture deals will start well before the big day, you can easily obtain some new dining room pieces ahead of Thanksgiving! Get shopping to make sure everyone will have a seat at your table.  

Bedroom Furniture

  • Your bedroom says a lot about you! If you’ve outgrown the size or style of your current bed, take a look at our Black Friday bed sale. Whether you need to upgrade from a twin to a queen or simply want to take your decor in a different direction, Black Friday is a great time to save big on these kinds of purchases. 


  • Your bedroom set and bedding may speak to your style, but your mattress does so much more. The holidays are a fun, but often exhausting, time, and nothing helps restore you like a restful night’s sleep! For many, a good mattress is a big investment purchase that requires planning and research. But if you want comfort on a budget, looking for a Black Friday mattress sale may be in your best interest. You can get amazing deals on memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring beds! 

Home Office Furniture and Computers

  • A good workspace makes all the difference for productivity and creativity. The coronavirus pandemic left many of us unprepared for the new realities of schooling and working from home, but there’s still time to make the experience a positive one! If recent events have left you in need of a home office or homeschooling space, why not look for Black Friday furniture deals on desks, desk chairs, file cabinets, and lamps? 
  • Computers are another popular electronic purchase that people make during Black Friday sales. Popular brands like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft, among others, will all be having sales. With many people starting to homeschool due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a great time to invest in a reliable computer or treat yourself to an upgrade. And if you’re going to buy a computer, you might as well invest in a new desk too. 

Shop with BEL Furniture on Black Friday

If you’re looking for an affordable, one-stop shop for all your furniture needs, BEL Furniture is the place for you. For the duration of our Black Friday furniture sales, we’ll be taking our already low prices even lower, making this the best time for you to shop. Make the most of our Black Friday couch deals, as well as our deals on bedroom sets, living room furniture, and much more, by shopping with us online and in-store. We hope to see you there!

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